Your internal podcast solution

to get closer to your employees

Plan your podcast, improve your communication and promote insights within your team

How si:cross works

Host an internal leadership podcast and keep your leaders and employees connected.

Our AI powered Podcast-Planning gets you ready to record in minutes.

You no longer waste time thinking about topics or doing endless research.

For a good crisis communication, fast planning is crucial.

si:cross helps you to

Plan your podcast

Get clear about your motivation for doing this podcast. Set a framework for your audience and yourself. Start with a compelling name.

AI helps you to

Structure your thoughts

Prepare your podcast with AI support and manage your podcast end-to-end in the si:cross podcast suite.

Manage your podcast &

Keep track of your planning

Collect new episode ideas for your podcast. Keep track of the different topics during the research and recording phase.

Manage your team &

Define your audience

Invite your co-producer and podcast team-member. Create or choose a group and control who can listen to your podcast.

Publish your episode &

Share your show

Share your episode with your group.

Deliver it with one click to your team’s mobiles & check out the analytics on how it is going.

Take a walk &

Enjoy Listening

Increase your employee engagement and work flexibility. Your team can listen on their mobiles whenever it fits their schedule.

Less meetings more time to think and do.

si:cross for internal communication

Enable your workforce to communicate in the digital age and claim your seat at the leaders table.