Elevate Your Podcast Game

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How si:cross works

Optimize Your Podcast Workflow with si:cross - Effortlessly Produce, Track, and Share Fresh Content with Your Audience!

Supercharge Your Podcast with AI-Powered Planning!

  • 🧠Simplify your research for an infinite pool of creative ideas
  • 🌐Attract more listeners with a steady stream of engaging episodes

Clarify Your Podcast Vision: Motivation & Framework!


Define your motivation for a meaningful podcast journey


Establish a framework for your audience and yourself


Pick an eye-catching name to stand out from the crowd

Start Your Podcast Strong: AI-Driven Episode Concepts!


Kick off with an initial set of captivating episodes


Let our AI craft the perfect proposal of ideas for you

AI-Powered Podcasting: Streamlined & Efficient!


Organize your thoughts with ease


Prepare your podcast with AI assistance


Manage your episodes end-to-end with si:cross

Master Your Podcast & Stay Organized!


Monitor your planning effortlessly


Gather fresh episode ideas for your podcast


Track various topics throughout your production

Ace Your Episode Recording: Organized & Ready!


Jot down crucial notes for a flawless session

Plan your episode's timeline for a smooth flow

Lead Your Team & Engage Your Audience!


Collaborate with co-producers and podcast members


Release to a private community for exclusive access


Control access to ensure the right listeners tune in

Release Your Episode & Spread the Word!


Share your show with your selected group


One-click delivery to your team's mobile devices


Track performance with insightful analytics

si:cross for internal communication

Enable your workforce to communicate in the digital age and claim your seat at the leaders table.